4 Tips For Auto Glass Replacement

Car windshields protect you and your vehicle from debris and wind on the road. Unfortunately, sometimes windshields get damaged. Small cracks and chips can be repaired using resin, but larger imperfections can weaken your windshield irreparably. An auto glass service can examine your windshield and let you know if your car need a full replacement. Here are some tips you can use the next time you need to get your windshield replaced.

1. Contact your insurance company.

Windshield replacement may be covered by your auto insurance policy. Before heading to an auto glass shop, contact your insurance company. If auto glass replacement is covered by your policy, take the time to fill out an insurance claim. The price of your auto glass replacement might be covered in part or in full. It's important that you take care of windshield damage as soon as it occurs, since insurance companies are less likely to accept auto claims if they can prove that the damage was caused in part by your negligence.

2. Take your car to the auto glass shop.

Windshield repair is a quick job that can be completed almost everywhere. For that reason, mobile windshield repair services are common. Unfortunately, auto glass replacement is more involved and requires additional tools. If your windshield needs to be completely repaired, you'll likely need to bring it to the auto glass shop. A repair technician will quickly and efficiently fix your vehicle, and you can be on your way in no time.

3. Plan to let your car rest for at least an hour.

According to Safelite, you should avoid driving your car for 60 minutes after your windshield replacement is completed. This will ensure that the glue used to secure the windshield in place has time to properly set. If possible, try to clear your schedule for a couple hours before taking your car for windshield replacement. Auto glass replacement is a fairly quick process that shouldn't take more than an hour at most.

4. Avoid parking under trees.

Once your windshield repair is completed, you can go on your way. However, you should take precautions to avoid damaging your new windshield. Avoid parking under trees where falling branches might crack your auto glass. Parking your car in a garage or another covered parking structure is best, but if you must park on the road, try to park somewhere falling objects won't harm your windshield.

Talk to a local provider of auto glass replacement services for more information. 

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